Hello everyone! I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ve been interested in posting more information and media coverage regarding BIID and transableism. However, most representations of transabled people in the media tends to be overly dramatized and negative.

From episodes of The Jerry Springer Show, The Doctors, and countless other talk shows, to YouTube videos, to other blogs and everything in between; almost every bit of media coverage regarding BIID that I have encountered has been extremely negative and at times even dehumanizing.

An example of these dramatizations can be seen with the story of a woman named Jewel, whose BIID caused her to blind herself with drain cleaner in order to successfully become blind, which was what her BIID was focused on. I’ve actually mentioned Jewel before on my blog, and her story has been covered in a YouTube video by Barcoft TV, and in an episode of The Doctors (part 1) (part 2) (part 3) which can be accessed on YouTube as well. In both of these programs, Jewel’s BIID story is introduced, but in The Doctors episode she is specifically portrayed as being delusional and out of her mind, and there is a complete disregard for her legitimate diagnosis and her own personal struggles with it.

Moreover, Jewel’s story is just one example of the repetitive misrepresentation of BIID and transableism in the media, and unfortunately there are countless others that I could mention as well.