Well, I’m still seeing the same psychologist that I mentioned in an earlier blog. Despite her not being familiar with BIID prior to seeing me, she has made efforts to educate herself on the issue. However, I’m not sure how beneficial my appointments with her even are anymore, and that has definitely been reflected in how often I book appointments with her now. I know in my previous blogs I mentioned that I had been going to weekly appointments with her, and now they’re definitely more scattered.

My appointments with her are more or less just a way for me to comfortably vent and express my thoughts and concerns to another person, which is something that I’m not able to do in my personal life. However, I don’t really feel like I make any progress when it comes to dealing with my BIID and the mentally-straining thoughts that come with it, which is the core reason behind my lack of consistent appointments.

I still have the Ativan prescription that my family doctor initially gave me, but honestly, I find it hard to stay consistent with taking my medication since it does nothing to directly benefit the side effects of my BIID.

Anyways, I’ll be sure to continue posting on here consistently in order to update anyone who finds comfort or solidarity in my struggles. I’m also thinking about posting more information and media coverage about BIID in order to better educate anyone who happens to stumble across my blog.